Prof Krishna's Spreadsheet Programs Page
Note: As with any other computer software (yes, even Microsoft's) no guarantees are made or implied about these programs - you use them at your risk. Check a few hand-worked problems with program results, before you trust it! Do tell me if you find a bug.


Click on the thumbnail at left of each program description to open the MS-EXCEL program. You may download any program by clicking on "Save" in the dialog box. Click "Back" on the MS-EXCEL screeen to get back to this page. Clicking the 'x' at the right hand top corner of the MS-EXCEL screen will exit the web!

Safety Programs

Manual Lifting: [Feb. 2006] Some sound advice, based on scientific treatment of the hazards of manual lifting and how to avoid these problems. A downloadable guidebook from HSE, UK. And my MS-EXCEL spreadsheet program to compute "Recommended Weight Limit"

Structures Programs
WeldPAD-III: [Aug. 2009] A simple MS-EXCEL spreadsheet program "Weld Properties, Analysis, and Design" to compute geometric properties of planar weld groups build up from straight segments (maximum 12) required for the computation of forces and moments at the centroid of the weld group from input actions at a reference point, and the stresses at the ends of all segments. Program depicts geometrical data while being input and results after compuation, and also determines minimum weld size for given allowable stress. Latest version has capability to apply BS5950 Directional Method (Interaction Equation) for analysis and design
TempStAD: [Nov. 2005] A simple MS-EXCEL spreadsheet program "Temporary Structural Analysis and Design" for quick analysis and iterative design of very elementary structures, with common support and load conditions. I feel it could be more valuable as a tool for computing the sectional properties of various common cross-sectional shapes, for use as data in other, more powerful structural analysis programs.