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Man Walking through Glass Window
By Gaby Leslie | Yahoo! News – Thu, Oct 6, 2011

The ill-fated moment a security guard walked straight through a glass window pane during a night shift has been caught on CCTV.
The short clip, which has gone viral on the Web, shows the man disregarding a wide-open door and mistakenly walking straight through a glass window pane instead - shattering it completely.
Realising the massive error, he clutches his face in agony while the whole glass pane crashes down behind him. He then proceeds to kneel to the floor in pain.
Luckily for him, a pair of smartly-dressed men come to his rescue and check whether he’s OK.
We really hope the man in the video recovered after the unfortunate accident. It may have just been a long day at the office or the glass was very weak.


If you thought that the security guard's action was funny, read about my own experience while I was working one summer at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, USA, as a summer scientist.
To avoid the mad rush in the parking lots to go home at 5pm on Friday evenings, I usually worked a little late. That day, while on my way out of my building. I must have been thinking about something so deeply that I didn't see the glass door at the exit.
The next I knew, I was on a gurney (stretcher) being carried to an ambulance, and whisked to the accident and emergency section of a hospital. They placed a few stitches to my scalp to close one bleeding cut and sent me home after picking off the glass slivers from my face and hair, and watching me for a few hours.

The boss of the Lab came over, late as it was on Friday night, and talked to me for a few minutes. I thought it was very nice of him. Of course it was. But somebody joked (?) that he also wanted to be sure that I wasn't upset at the lack of safety measures so bad I would sue the Lab!
You see, I might have had cause to sue, because there had been no markings at all on the glass door (possibly on any of the glass doors those days!) as a visual cue to people approaching the door.
Of course, that idea did not cross my mind.
I was, well, too embarrassed that I walked through a glass door to blame anybody else except myself!

But come Monday morning, I did return to work, with a strip of plaster on my scalp hidden under my hair (-- I had a lot in those days!) and what did I find?
Wide, bright red horizontal strips at about waist level on every glass door!

So, only half in fun, I recite the tale of "How I contributed to American Safety"

The graphics below is my own creation, simulating the episode.

MORAL: The security guard in the news item was not the one in error. The management might have alleged to have been so, in not providing a safe zone of work! It was not an unsafe act, it might be construed as an unsafe condition.

Oh, all those who are in charge of wide expanses of glass in the path or along the sides of human traverse: Please, PLEASE, place some bright visual indication, artistic or otherwise, on the glass to show that there is a hazard there, and save humans from walking through. The next guy may not be so lucky!

Girl Walks through Glass Door

Another case of a girl walking through a wide automatic opening (and, unfortunately , automatic closing!) glass door.
She wasn't as lucky as the security guard!. She needed help to get up, and needed medical attention.

Don't know when or where, but sad anyway. Note again there is was no visual mariking on the glass!