Safety News - 10
Earthquake Controversy
"Triangle of Life"

1 July 2008

You get an e-mail starting thus:

Subject: Earthquake advice, how to survive inside a building very simply.
My name is ____ ____.  I am the Rescue Chief and Disaster Manager of ___ ___ ___ ___, the world's most experienced rescue team.  The information in this article will save lives in an earthquake.

The message is long, detailed, very convincing.

But friends, many respected organisations have called it ineffective and misleading at best and a hoax by an alleged fraud at worst.

I attach links to three articles which I consider to be authentic statements countering the claims made by the self-styled earthquake protection guru. Click on any of them to browse the article.

I am leaving out dozens more of the more caustic criticisms of the perpetrator ... you may find lots of them by simply typing "Triangle of Life" into any search engine!

Read all you can get on this, and then make up your mind. (Folks in Singapore may not need to worry!)


American Red Cross response to "Triangle of Life" by Doug Copp

Protect Yourself During an Earthquake... Drop, Cover, and Hold On! ["The so-called "triangle of life" and some of the other actions recommended in the email are potentially life threatening, ..."]
"Triangle of Life" Earthquake Survival Strategy Flawed