Safety News - 5, Hoax Alerts

I wish to share the truth about "Life is Beautiful", now "A Virtual Card for You", and many such hoaxes that have come and gone, and more which will come.

Unfortunately, there are sick minds out there which take pleasure in bringing misery to millions with a simple flick of a few keyboard buttons. Among their sadistic games is the creation of hoaxes apparently well-meaning (like the two I have cited) and often even heart-wrenching (like the poem written by the cancer-struck girl ... where at least the poem was a good read!).

What pleasure do the perpetrators get out of such juvenile nonsense? Just the satisfaction of making millions worry themselves to death, strain their eyes and minds, waste minutes from their quality time.

But wWhat harm does it do? Apart from the waste of time and energies of millions around the world, it chokes up the airwaves, and ultimately wastes valuable resources.

Believe me, when I say something like this, you may be sure I am not taking somebody's line in preference to the hundreds who really believe in the message. I shall attach some authoritative comments against hoaxes.

Of course, nobody is infallible. Despite the multiple checks that I make, it may rarely happen that an authoritative looking comment itself may be a hoax. That is the way it is, and will be, in this imperfect world. Better protect yourself with dependable virus checkers. Look for well-known, dependable sources for virus alerts.

So, if you receive a virus alert, do NOT rush into forwarding the frightening message to your dozens of hundreds of e-mail contacts, spreading the hoax like wildfire ... which is exactly what the hoaxer wants!

If you have already passed on the hoax, and wish to make up for contributing unwittingly to this chaos, you will do yourself, and the many who must be on your e-mailing list a big favour, by forwarding this message, or extracts thereof, or referring them to this website.

I am not interested in being cited as the hoax-killer, which is the equivalent of spoil-sport to the originators of the hoax. I am just a messenger, passing on what I believe is reliable information.

Take care. Good luck and best regards.

7 Feb. 2008

Life is Beautiful Virus
This is a hoax. Click here for details.

15 Feb. 2008
A Virtual Card for You
This too is a hoax. Don't forward it!