Structural Weld Design

I have developed a MS-EXCEL based Structural Welding Design Progarm by name 'WeldPAD' standing for 'Weld Properties, Analysis, and Design', for a planar weld group.
You enter the coordinates of the corners of straight segments of the group and WeldPAD develops the group's geometric properties; then, upon entry of 3D forces and moments, and location of points of application of forces, it computes all the 3D stresses and combines them accorring to the 'Simple' (Strength of Materials) method, and according to British Code BS5950.

WeldPAD program, now in its BetaIII(v4) version, is accessible by clicking on the thumbnail of the screenshot below:

To exit program, click on the 'x' at top right of EXCEL program, and Enter 'No' in dialog box.
To save your results (as well as the program), click 'Save As' at the top bar, and enter a suitable file name within your directory.