Structures Activities

4, 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, 18-20 Aug. 2008

6-9pm, short course “Structural Welding Technology and Design”, 9 out of 12 sessions, other 3 taken by Mr. Sze Thiam Siong, Director GM of SETSCO Services Pte Ltd, on 5, 14, and 15 Aug., organised by SETSCO Services Pvt Ltd, Singapore, at Informatics Campus, Jurong East, Singapore
11, 12 and 13 June 2008 6 to 9pm: "Safety in Welding, Cutting, and Allied Processes ", organised by SETSCO Services, Pvt Ltd, at Informatics Campus, Jurong East, Singapore

2 Dec. 2006

Publication: Conference pre-print, "Global Mobility Considerations in Engineering and Construction", published in 'Conference Proceedings of CAFEO 24', by The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia, 2006, p. 414-428.

3 Oct. 2006

4.30-4.45pm, invited slide presentation “To Pry or Not to Pry!”, on my prying force research in USA, at 'Forum on Implementation of a New Steel Design Code for Singapore', follow-up of ‘International Symposium on Worldwide Trend and Development in Codified Design of Steel Structures 2006’, at NTU

28-29 Apr. 2005

Short course, “Design and Erection of Temporary Structures”, organised by TTID, Hong Kong.

4-5 Apr 2005 2-day short course, "Scaffold Design and Construction", at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, organised by EEM, Singapore
7 Dec 2004 9am - 5.30pm, 1-day short course, "Structural Welding Technology and Design", at Hong Kong, organised by TTID
6 Dec 2004 9am - 5pm, 1-day short course, "Good Scaffolding Practice", at Hong Kong, organised by TTID
14 Oct 2004 9.30am - 5.30pm, Short course on "Structural Welding", for Jurong Consultants, at Jurong Summit Building, Singapore, organised by Dr. Richard Liew through NUS, Dr. Liew taking 10.45 to 12.45.
6-7 Sep 2004 9.30am-5.30pm, Short course, "Structural Welding Technology and Design", at Regency Hyatt, Hong Kong, organised by TTID.
31 Aug 2004 Presented paper " Towards Good Welding Design and Fabrication", 4-4.30pm, at 'International Symposium on Innovations and Advances in Steel Structures', 30-31 Aug., organsised by SSSS, at Raffles City Convention Centre, Singapore.
4 Aug 2004 Presented paper (second author Dr. J.Y. Richard Liew ) "Potential for Weld Group Failure in Design by BS5950-1:2000" at Session W3 of 'International Conference on Structural and Foundation Failures, 2-4 Aug., organsised by IES/IStrucE Joint Committee, Singapore, at Orchard Hotel . Published in Proceedings, p.191-200.
2-3 Jun 2004 9am-5pm, Short course, “Computer Applications in Structural Engineering”, at Regency Hyatt, Hong Kong, organised by TTID.
26-27 Feb 2004 9.30am - 5pm, 2-day short course on "CADS for Analysis, RC Beam/Column Design and Steelwork Design", organised by QED for DSTA, with Mr. Martin Rush taking the second day afternoon session
17-20 Nov 2003 1-7pm, Short course, "Structural Welding Design", except for 2-1/2 hours on 19th and 20th by Sze (SETSCO), for ST Kinetics, organised by SETSCO at their facility in Singapore
24-25 Jun 2003 9am-5.30pm, 2-day short course, "Design, Erection, and Supervision of Scaffolds", organised by SC2 at Construction House, Singapore
18 Feb 2003 9am-5pm, Short course, “Computer Applications in Structural Analysis, Design, and Construction”, organised by TTID, Hong Kong.
18 Dec 2002 Visit to "Bath Tub", site of New York World Trade Center Twin Towers collapse, courtesy Mr. Peter Torres, Project Engineer of Subway Terminal, thanks to Mr. M.L. Nagaraj, Chief Metropolitan Engineer
30 and 31Oct 2002 1 - 5.15pm 0n 30th and 8.30-11am on 31st, Invigilator, "WeldTech Asia Welding Competition" OSEA-2002 Conference and Exhibition, at SunTec City, Singapore
3 Oct 2002 Chairman, Session 2A of "Seventh International Conference on Steel and Space Structures"  organised by CI Premier at Hotel Otani, Singapore
1,  4, 8, 11, 15, 18, 22, Apr 2002 Short course, 5 evenings (6.30 to 9.30pm), "Welded Joint and Production", organised by SSSS at CITI. My presentations, half on 1st, all of 4th, 8th, 15th,  and 18th, rest by Dr. Liew (NUS) and Mr. Sze (SETSCO)
15-18, 22-25 Aug, 5-8 Sep, 2000 9am-12.30pm, Short course, "Matrix and Finite Element Applications to Structures", organised by Professional Activities Centre, NUS