S.R. Aprameya
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At left was SRA's home for many decades ... outside and inside simple and spartan like the man himself ... almost like Mahathma Gandhi's Ashram 
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SRA Honoured during NIEAA Golden Jubilee Celebrations, Nov. '07
Corrections to Newspaper reports on Sri Aprameya, in a letter to the Deccan Herald, Mysore, from Ms Radha, niece of SRA, daughter of Ms Rangamani.

From: Radha H S
Sent: Thursday, January 08, 2009 6:27 PM
To: 'dhmysore@deccanherald.co.in'
Subject: A short write up about S R Aprameya


As per our phone call, I am enclosing the write-up and image of S R Aprameya.
We saw the obituary notifications in both Deccan Herald and Prajavani. Unfortunately, some of the facts are incorrect – he was never a Principal of NIE, the engineering college. He retired as Head of the Mechanical Engineering department from NIE. He had a very distinguished teaching career.

He was a Founder Principal of National Institute of Industrial Education (NIIE), post retirement. It was run under the care of the NIE board (if I recall correctly).

Also, he was not the founder trustee of Andal Mandiram. It was started by Soundaramma, another well known Mysorean, many many years ago and was later held in trusteeship. Aprameya was one of the trustees.

Also, other newspapers mentioned many siblings who were alive. He was one of six children and is today survived just by his youngest sister, who happens to be my mother. She was quite saddened to see such errors in reputed newspapers.

Anyways, in case you decide to do a write-up and need to verify facts, you are welcome to call my mother Rangamani at 2510671 in Mysore . She will try and help you. ... 

Thanks and Regards,