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From  a humble hut to a magnificent mansion ... that is the story of NIE! I grew with NIE in the hut, and now I am standing in the mansion.

NIE Alumni Association is FIFTY this month!

The Association is putting together a brief programme of celebrations on the evening of Saturday, 3 November 2007.
Do come; bring your family; meet old classmates; make new friends.

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Sri S.R. Aprameya being honoured on NIE Alumni Association Golden Jubilee Celebrations Day
      (3 November 2007) at his house. (READ report below!)

[Nov 2007: NIE Alumni Association Golden Jubilee Celebrations, Posted by: sunil on Wednesday, December 26, 2007 - 09:31 PM
The NIEAA Golden Jubilee Celebrations were held on Wednesday the 03/11/2007. It was a bright, sunny Wednesday Morning and Mr. Aprameya [FOUNDER PRESIDENT of NIEAA] was honored at his residence itself because of his ill health. All the Executive-Committee members went to Mr. Aprameya’s modest residence at VontiKoppal, Mysore and honored Mr. Aprameya at his residence and everyone prayed god for the well being of Mr. Aprameya. Mr. Aprameya gave his best wishes to the NIE- ALUMNI ASSOCIATION in the years to come on that occasion.
Later in the day it was a bright, pleasant evening at the Quadrangle of the NIE – PREMISES. The participants slowly started trickling into the college’s quadrangle. The stage arrangements, furniture sound system, Multimedia equipment were neatly arranged for the Evening’s Grand extravaganza.
The Meeting was formally Inaugurated by Mr. M.A.SAMPATH IYENGAR, Hon. President. NIE-Management Council. The Guest of Honor was Mr. N.KRISHNAMURTHY [FOUNDER-SECRETARY OF NIEAA] and a leading Structural Engineering Consultant Based in Singapore.
Mr. Ashok Anand Hon. President of NIEAA, gave a warm welcome to all the Participants and gave a brief speech about the activities of the Alumni Association and also the future plans and activities of the Association in the days to come.
Later in the evening Mr. N.Krishnamurthy was honored by Mr. M.A. SAMPATH IYENGAR Hon. President, NIE-Management Council.
Mr. N.Krishnamurthy Presented a Immaculate Power Point Multimedia Presentation depicting his views & ideas, which got accolades from all the participants.
In total there were about 150 Plus participants Both men and women as well as the young and old who shared their old college day memories with everyone.
There were some games to entertain the participants and the event also had some entertainment programs by the NIE College Students who gave a wonderful cultural extravaganza rightly befitting the event.

Mr. Aprameya being honored by Mr. Ashok
Anand Hon. President of NIEAA.

[Note: In the picture, next to the President, we can see also Sri B.N. Venkatesa Rao, who was another NIE stalwart, also passed away recently.]

Mr. N.Krishnamurthy being honored by Mr. M.A.Sampath Iyengar

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